Product Development

Whether shrink-wrapped software or software-as-a-service (SaaS), Gomilab helps customers through all the production stages of a software development life-cycle (SDLC). Building scalable products for large volumes of users or transactions requires a very high level of expertise by an experienced software development company.

Fast Moving Markets and Lean Start-ups

Gomilab understands the demands of bringing a new software product to market. These demands need a properly engineered, extensible framework. This will allow pivoting within a customer’s business, quickly meeting their client’s changing requirements.

End-to-End Managed Product Lifecycle

Gomilab will work with a customer throughout the complete product development lifecycle, from initial discussions and prototyping through to product roll-out and on-going maintenance. We will provide as much support as is needed at every step.

Rapid Application Development

Working in short tightly controlled iterations of 1-4 weeks in duration, Gomilab are able to deliver working software at the end each iteration period. This enables our customers to easily monitor progress and respond with feedback that is then inserted into the next iterative cycle.

Intellectual Property Protection

We are committed to protecting our customers IP and all work is undertaken securely and with complete confidentially.

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