Dedicated Development Center

When your business requires an ongoing qualified support of tech specialists to sustain your business continuity, you need to quickly scale up your team or simply there is a long-term project without fully stabilized requirements, but you lack tech talent to follow you plans, Dedicated Team Model is one of the options to build an efficient process. Gomilab will help you extend your team with our remote tech talent center.

We offer a truly service-oriented approach to application development and create the atmosphere of the mutual trust with our clients. We understand that the business landscape of today is immensely diverse, while the requirements of each client are unique and vary from project to project. That’s why we treat each particular project with maximum flexibility in mind and offer various engagement models to our clients to bring the highest value both to the business of our clients and to our own business. When your company is in need to quickly get access to certain skills and ramp up the number of your in-house specialists as soon as possible to fill in the critical gap in the talent need, Gomilab is here to become your remote office and make our team part of your ongoing production success!

Why dedicated team & why with Gomibab?

You save 50-60 % of your development budget compared to the expenses for setting up your in-house US-based team

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