Custom Software

Gomilab has over fifteen years' experience in bespoke software development. We work directly with all customer stakeholders before, during and after the SDLC. Our expert teams will provide as much advice and support as is required, from initial design and prototyping to the final delivery.

Delivering To Customer Requirements

At Gomilab we value customer service and communication above all else. Working with our customers to fully understand the business value and expected return on investment is the most important factor to delivering a successful project.

On Time, On Budget

By leveraging agile development methodologies, Gomilab will continuously present new features and modifications for review throughout development of a project. This process reduces the risk of inadequate requirements and late deliveries which are common within the traditional “waterfall” methodology.

Gomilab’s commitment to quality and timely delivery – backed up by scalable offshore software development teams – ensures that we keep our promises.

Industry Knowledge

Gomilab has successfully delivered custom and bespoke software solutions to customers across the world in many industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecoms, automotive and health care.

Long Term Relationship

At Gomilab we believe in working in a close partnership with our customers. Once a software project is completed, we will be there to support with roll-out, user training, maintenance and any future change requests for as long as is required.

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