Windows Application

Microsoft Windows is the world’s principal operating system. Developments in Windows are a sound choice for line of business and process automation, with Windows desktop applications giving the richest user experience possible.

Microsoft also offers the most integrated solution for a desktop application development, built upon corporate standards such as Windows and Office that are familiar to all users.


Gomilab’s software engineers are all experts and have over 15 years’ experience in Windows application development. Gomilab can help, advise and implement Standalone, Client-server, n-tier and SOA architectures to best fit a customer’s needs.

Our Desktop Development services include custom software development and product development. Gomilab can also provide software development outsourcing for custom components, tools and libraries development.

Migration and Re-engineering

Gomilab’s modernisation and migration services can facilitate the transformation of legacy applications into modern extensible technologies. This is achieved by replacing the functionality of a legacy system whilst maintaining compatibility with all embedded dependencies. Alternatively, a legacy system can be modernised with the existing code base in place, but with a focus on a particular problem area such as performance or maintenance costs.

Latest Technologies

Our Desktop Development team is currently building applications for Windows 8 and Metro. We use Microsoft .Net, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) as our core platforms for Windows application development.

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