Database Systems

Gomilab can offer world class database solutions including development, consulting and remote database administration to ensure the optimal performance of an existing infrastructure.

At Gomilab we have a vast experience in designing, developing and maintaining complex, high volume database systems. Our engineers have delivered data warehouses that span many terabytes of data; complex customised Extract, Transform and Load (ETL); work-flows processing millions of records daily and OLTP databases under heavy load with hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections.

Database Design and Development

Gomilab’s database development team can turn business storage requirements into scalable database solutions based on the very latest technologies and best practice.

Utilising our extensive experience with Very Large Databases (VLDB), customers can rest assured that our database designs will maintain data integrity whilst achieving a high level of query performance, resulting in considerable cost savings on hardware infrastructure.

Our database development lifecycle uses modern development practices such as automated testing and continuous integration, which reduce development time and on-going maintenance costs.

Database Performance Tuning

Gomilab’s database consultants will work with a customer to diagnose, resolve and prevent database performance issues, optimise database queries and maintain the optimal configuration of the database and its hardware.

Remote DBA Services

By outsourcing database administration to Gomilab, our customers know that their irreplaceable data is in safe hands. Our remote DBAs are available 24/7 to monitor and maintain our customers systems, ensuring smooth operations and maximum return on investment. Gomilab’s database administration managed service also provides a suite of customised alerts and health reports for that extra peace of mind.

Business Intelligence

Gomilab’s business intelligence solutions are built on the Microsoft BI stack. By integrating SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS), we build customised solutions tailored for a specific industry and its analysis needs. The Microsoft platform supports technologies such as SharePoint and Excel, providing familiar tools that can be accessed by users across an entire organisation.

Data Migration and Modernisation

Gomilab provides a seamless way to migrate legacy database solutions into modern platforms, resulting in better performance and scalability. For these projects, minimal downtime and 100% accuracy are our key principles.

Technologies and Data Formats Supported

SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, CSV, XML, ASN.1, Excel, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, SAP, Siebel, Teradata, SQL Azure.

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